2017 Design Trends Include Custom Painted Walls

Wall Mural Mountain Theme for Baby's Room

Which rooms in your house need a fresh style this year? How can you make your home a unique reflection of you? If you haven’t considered a custom painted wall before, here’s why a modern mural is your perfect design solution for 2017:

Greenery, Pantone Color of the YearColor and Pattern
If you have New-Year’s project plans, you’re probably already searching the internet for design ideas and trends. You’ve no doubt noticed that Pantone’s Color of the Year is a bright, cheery green. This means that bold accents and bringing-the-outside-in are themes you’ll see a lot of this year. Pattern has also replaced Plain as people seek to create cozy and comforting surroundings.

Handmade Revolution
But design trends are influenced by more than just color. The cultural landscape strongly affects the way we think about our buying choices, our style and our homes. Cultural commentators such as The Wall Street Journal have noticed a shift away from mass-produced, readily available items to unique, quality-crafted pieces. Shoppers are now willing to spend a little more for something unusual and made to last. The explosive popularity of Etsy shops in the last few years is just one testament to the strength of this trend.

Consumers are also interested in supporting small businesses, recognizing that their spending habits can be “recycled” to bolster their own communities. “Shop Local” messages are all around us, from Farmer’s Markets to independent restaurants to boutiques that are once again thriving on Main Streets.

Wall Mural Mountain Theme for Baby's RoomThe Perfect Combination
What combines these three trends of color and pattern, unique and quality, small and local? A Custom Painted Wall Mural. A mural brings color and pattern into the room, supports a local independent artist, and is a handmade one-of-a-kind feature designed specifically to fit your tastes and to look great in your home for years. A fresh coat of paint is almost certainly already on your redecorating checklist, so take it a step further. Commission a mural and turn a plain wall into an amazing wall.


Author: Toni

Mural Artist

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