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Mural Envy was founded by mural artist Toni Miraldi, who has been painting modern-style murals in homes and businesses since 2006.

Meet Toni

Artist’s Statement
As a mural artist, my mission is to transform plain walls into stimulating walls. I believe our attitudes are subtly influenced by our environs. If we surround ourselves and our communities with small positive messages–whether they be art, nature, inspiring architecture or kind words–we will see the world differently than if we are surrounded by suspicion, fear and despair. This is why I love murals. They take a thing that literally surrounds us–a wall–and turn it into an encouragement.

After studying studio art at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts, I moved into the interior design profession. As I assisted designers across the Mid-Atlantic, I noticed that most creative expression centered around fabrics, furniture, artwork and accessories. The walls of a room were given much less attention.

But when I walk into a new room, I feel surrounded by a blank canvas–a giant creative opportunity. Frequently when people hear the word, “mural,” they imagine walls covered in storybook detail. While that kind of mural can be beautiful and amazing, it may not be the best fit for every room. I paint a different kind of mural. Mural Envy murals are modern, sophisticated, clean and open. They enhance a room without dominating it. 

I love to paint on a large scale. I enjoy bold shapes, simplified lines and carefully curated color palettes. I draw inspiration from graphic design and the natural world. The most rewarding part of my job is collaborating with homeowners to help them visualize and then realize an exciting design for their walls.

Mural Artist Toni Miraldi


  • • Unique, Modern Designs
  • • Quick Turnaround
  • • Collaboration + Communication
  • • Clean, Professional, Organized


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