You Have Questions; We Have Answers

Many of the most commonly asked questions about our custom murals are answered here. But if you don’t see the answer to your question, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

What paint do you use?

We use interior acrylic latex paints for most of our murals. Our paint of choice is Benjamin Moore Aura (eggshell finish), which we have found to be one of the highest quality paints available. It applies beautifully, has excellent hide, longevity, color retention and zero VOC. Like other eggshell house paints, it provides a washable finish and can be mixed to any color.

Some customers have asked us to use green certified, allergy friendly or zero emissions paints. We can usually accommodate this request. Benjamin Moore’s Natura paint line is our first choice, but we can also use AFM Safecoat if desired. (Milk paints can be used in only a few cases, since the color pallette is very limited and the finished look is significantly different from regular house paints.) However, depending on the color, these paints may require more applications to achieve the intended look, so a Special Materials Upcharge may apply. Natural paints are also less durable than standard paints, so the finished mural may not have the same lifespan as one painted with Benjamin Moore Aura.

Can you paint a mural with my child’s favorite cartoon character?

We are unable to reproduce any licensed or copyrighted material. However, we can design a mural using colors and themes that compliment a favorite animated character. Click here to see a mural we created for a 6-year-old boy who loved the Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear.

How long does a mural take?

Naturally, the number of days it takes us to paint a mural depends on the mural’s size and complexity. But we do pride ourselves on being relatively fast. We have developed efficient painting strategies in order to complete murals in a timely manner. And since we only work on one job at a time, we are dedicated to your mural until it is finished. In general, a room takes about 2-3 full days of painting. Our minimum mural size of 24 sq ft can usually be completed in just one day.

How much does a mural cost?

Every mural project is unique, and we submit a custom quote for each client. However, we have created a pricing guide to give you an idea of factors influence the cost.

Is Sales Tax Included in the Price?

Murals painted at residential properties, whether in the state of Connecticut or outside the state, will not be charged sales tax. Murals painted at commercial properties outside the state of Connecticut will not be charged sales tax. Murals painted at commercial properties in the state of Connecticut will be responsible for CT state sales tax of 6.35%.

How should the wall be prepared?

Before we arrive to paint the mural, the wall or room should be cleared of furniture and artwork. It is not always necessary for the wall to be freshly painted. It the existing base coat color works with the mural design and is in good condition, then the wall only needs to be wiped down to ensure it is free of dust. Any holes or damaged areas should be patched and touched up with the base coat paint.

If the room will be painted with a fresh base coat in advance of the mural, it must be completed one full day before we are scheduled to begin the mural. Because delays sometimes occur when dealing with paint contractors, we recommend the base coat be scheduled for completion two weeks before the mural is scheduled. If we have to reschedule the mural start date due to the wall not being ready, a rescheduling fee may apply.

Will you paint the base coat, too?

In some cases, we can paint the base coat for you. Our base coat rates are higher than most paint contractors, and we do not paint trim or ceilings, but some clients find the convenience worth the higher cost. Usually it only makes sense for us to paint the base coat when the mural occupies a single wall or portion thereof. We will discuss the base coat options with you during the initial consultation.

Do you paint ceiling murals?

Yes, we can paint murals on ceilings, provided the space can be accessed with conventional ladders and does not require scaffolding. Painting on ceilings is much more labor intensive than painting on walls, so a ceiling upcharge will apply.

How do I care for the finished mural?

An interior mural can be treated like any other interior wall. We use “scrubbable” eggshell interior latex paints, which means that a scuff or mark can usually be washed off with gentle cleanser (not solvents). We encourage homeowners to keep the leftover paint we’ve used to create the murals so that they can touch up minor blemishes such as nail holes or nicks. Since most of work does not require artist’s paints, we do not seal the finished murals.

Are you licensed and insured?

Mural Envy is licensed as a Home Improvement Contractor with the State of Connecticut (license number HIC.0647896). We also carry General Liability insurance for work on residential properties. Commercial properties must carry their own liability insurance.

Do you work with interior designers?

We are happy to work with interior designers and decorators! We will work with you in whatever way is most convenient for you. We also offer a commission incentive for designers who recommend us to their clients. Please contact us for more details.