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The Mural Process begins with 3 Easy Steps:


The first step is to contact us. We’ll listen to your ideas, discuss your project and get the ball rolling.


After we’ve seen your space and discussed your vision for the mural, we’ll send you a Mural Proposal with all the project details.


We design your mural and send you sketches. After a sketch is approved, we coordinate with your calendar and schedule the work. Then the painting begins!

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The Process in Detail

1. Contact and Information Gathering
Let us know you are interested in a painted wall mural by filling out our contact form, sending us an email, or calling/texting us at 203-364-5536. We’ll begin by learning about your space, your vision and ideas, and gathering technical details such as location, size of the wall or room, surface preparation and time frame. When possible, we’ll also set up a site visit to discuss the project in person and take precise measurements. Your custom mural quote will be based on a number of factors. Please see our pricing guide for more details.

2. Moving Ahead
We will email you a formal proposal within two business days of the consultation. The formal proposal will include our contract. If you decide to hire us, simply return the signed contract along with the 25% Sketch Deposit. This allows us to begin designing your mural and reserves your project on our painting schedule. The Sketch Deposit is non-refundable and includes up to two feedback revisions (3 sketches total).

3. Scheduling the Mural
Once the final sketch is approved, we will coordinate the painting details with you, including start date, approximate time to completion, and hours of painting per day. For example, some clients like us to arrive early and finish up for the day before their kids get home from school. Others prefer a later start time. Travel distance is also a factor. We will arrange all these details ahead of time so that everyone knows what to expect. A week before the painting begins, we’ll confirm that everything is still on target and that the wall preparation (if applicable) is complete. The second 25% Work Deposit is due at this time.

4. Completion
We’ll let you know the day before that the next day will be our final day of painting. If everything has gone to plan, this should be on or before the estimated time of completion. The balance of the mural is due at the end of the final day of painting.

Ready for a Mural?

Every Mural is Unique

Please contact us to discuss your project and receive a customized quote.


When possible, we prefer to visit the space, take measurements, and discuss the client’s needs in person. However, when distance is a factor, we can conduct the consultation over the phone or by email. In these cases, the client is responsible for taking accurate measurements and providing a few good photos of the space.

The Ingredients of your Custom Quote:

Mural prices are determined by several factors including wall area, level of detail, and travel distance:

  1. Wall Area is the length x width of an imaginary box drawn around the finished mural or mural sections, which usually differs from the raw size of the blank wall. Since our murals are designed with lots of open areas, we often subtract an estimated percentage of “space intentionally left blank,” from the mural price. This allowance makes painting an entire room much more affordable.
  2. Level of Detail: Each mural is unique, designed specifically for the shape of the wall and the needs of the client. Complexity ranges from a few basic shapes repeated throughout the mural, to a high level of freehand drawing. Most murals contain 5 or fewer paint colors, while other designs call for more color variety. Each mural is quoted on an individual basis after the first consultation with the client, but to give you an idea of cost, we’ve included the size, level of complexity and price for each mural in our portfolio.
  3. Design: We love creating designs from scratch, but many clients already have a clear vision for their mural. They have collected photos, examples and sketches, which reduces the amount of time it takes us to design and plan the mural. In these instances, a “design credit” may be applied to the quote.
  4. Distance: Mural Envy, LLC is located in Newtown, CT. Job sites located more than an approximate 60 minute drive from Newtown may incur a travel surcharge.
  5. Other Factors: Some walls are more challenging than others! If the wall is more than one story high, a surcharge may be applied for ladder work. If the room has a lot of complex angles, carrying the design around those angles in a visually convincing way will take more time than painting a flat wall. Hand-lettering and murals on ceilings always incur a surcharge.


How long does a mural take?

Naturally, the number of days it takes us to paint a mural depends on the mural’s size and complexity. But we do pride ourselves on being relatively fast. We have developed efficient painting strategies in order to complete murals in a timely manner. And since we only work on one job at a time, we are dedicated to your mural until it is finished. In general, a room takes about 2-5 full days of painting. Our minimum mural size of 25 sq ft can usually be completed in just one day.

How much does a mural cost?

Every mural project is unique, and we submit a custom quote for each client. However, we have created a pricing guide to give you an idea of factors influence the cost.

Is Sales Tax Included in the Price?

Murals painted at residential properties in the state of Connecticut will not be charged sales tax. Murals painted at commercial properties in the state of Connecticut will be responsible for CT state sales tax of 6.35%.

How should the wall be prepared?

Before we arrive to paint the mural, the wall or room should be cleared of furniture and artwork. It is not always necessary for the wall to be freshly painted. If the existing base coat color works with the mural design and is in good condition, then the wall only needs to be wiped down to ensure it is free of dust. Any holes or damaged areas should be patched and touched up with the base coat paint.

If the room will be painted with a fresh base coat in advance of the mural, it must be completed one full day before we are scheduled to begin the mural. Because delays sometimes occur when dealing with paint contractors, we recommend the base coat be scheduled for completion two weeks before the mural is scheduled. If we have to reschedule the mural start date due to the wall not being ready, a rescheduling fee may apply.

Will you paint the base coat, too?

In some cases, we can paint the base coat for you. Our base coat rates are higher than most paint contractors, and we do not paint trim or ceilings, but some clients find the convenience worth the higher cost. Usually it only makes sense for us to paint the base coat when the mural occupies a single wall or portion thereof. If needed, we do have trusted painting contractors we can recommend.

We will discuss all the base coat options with you during the initial consultation.

Are you insured?

Mural Envy, LLC carries Artisan Liability insurance for work on residential and commercial properties.

What paint do you use?

We use interior or exterior acrylic latex house paints for most of our murals. Our paint of choice is Benjamin Moore Aura (eggshell finish), which we have found to be one of the highest quality paints available. It applies beautifully, has excellent hide, longevity, color retention and zero VOC. Like other eggshell house paints, it provides a washable finish and can be mixed to any color.

Some customers have asked us to use green certified, allergy friendly or zero emissions paints. We can usually accommodate this request.

How do I care for the finished mural?

An interior mural can be treated like any other interior wall. We use “scrubbable” eggshell interior latex paints, which means that a scuff or mark can usually be washed off with gentle non-abrasive cleanser (not solvents). Exterior murals may need to be protected from UV rays and/or graffiti, in which case we will discuss the options with you ahead of time. For mural repair due to damage, Mural Envy can provide touch-up services. Please contact us for specifics.

Do you work with interior designers?

We are happy to work with interior designers and decorators! We will work with you in whatever way is most convenient for you. We also offer a commission incentive for designers who recommend us to their clients. Please contact us for more details.

I have my own design or logo. Can you paint it for me?

Usually yes! Please provide a website link or attach image files in your initial contact email so we can see what you have in mind.

  • In most cases, we can faithfully reproduce a commercial logo or signage.
  • If we are working from artistic sketches created by another artist, the finished result will have our own style. We will discuss any major changes with you ahead of time, and you will be presented with renderings for approval before we begin painting.
  • Please note that we cannot reproduce licensed material such as cartoon characters and branding owned by another entity.