Mural Pricing

Every mural project is unique.

Please contact us to discuss your project and to receive a customized quote.

The Ingredients of your Custom Quote:

Mural prices are determined by several factors including wall area, level of detail, and travel distance:

  1. Wall Area is the length x width of an imaginary box drawn around the finished mural or mural sections, which usually differs from the raw size of the blank wall. Since our murals are designed with lots of open areas, we often subtract an estimated percentage of “space intentionally left blank,” from the mural price. This allowance makes painting an entire room much more affordable.
  2. Level of Detail: Each mural is unique, designed specifically for the shape of the wall and the needs of the client. Complexity ranges from a few basic shapes repeated throughout the mural, to a high level of freehand drawing. Most murals contain 5 or fewer paint colors, while other designs call for more color variety. Each mural is quoted on an individual basis after the first consultation with the client, but to give you an idea of cost, we’ve included the size, level of complexity and price for each mural in our portfolio.
  3. Design: We love creating designs from scratch, but many clients already have a clear vision for their mural. They have collected photos, examples and sketches, which reduces the amount of time it takes us to design and plan the mural. In these instances, a “design credit” may be applied to the quote.
  4. Distance: Mural Envy is located in Newtown, CT. Job sites located more than an approximate 60 minute drive from Newtown will incur a travel surcharge.
  5. Other Factors: Some walls are more challenging than others! If the wall is more than one story high, a surcharge may be applied for ladder work. If the room has a lot of complex angles, carrying the design around those angles in a visually convincing way will take more time than painting a flat wall. Hand-lettering and murals on ceilings always incur a surcharge.

Consultations are free! When possible, we prefer to visit the space, take measurements, and discuss the client’s needs in person. However, when distance is a factor, we can conduct the consultation over the phone or by email. In these cases, the client is responsible for taking accurate measurements and providing a few good photos of the space.


A Sketch Deposit of 25% is required along with the signed contract. This allows us to begin designing and planning your mural, and reserves your project on our painting schedule. The Sketch Deposit is non-refundable and includes up to two feedback revisions (3 sketches total).