Mural Process

I'm Ready to Get Started!

Great! We’re excited to begin working on your custom wall mural! The process begins with the 3 Easy Steps below. Each of the steps is outlined in more detail at the bottom of this page.

1 The first step is to contact us. We’ll listen to your ideas, discuss your project and get the ball rolling. Many murals require a site visit before moving on to Step 2.

2 After we’ve seen your space and discussed your vision for the mural, we send you a Mural Proposal for you to sign and return to us along with a 25% sketch deposit. We then begin designing your mural!

3 After a sketch is approved, we coordinate with your calendar and schedule the work. Then the painting begins!

The Process in Detail

1. Contact and Information Gathering
Let us know you are interested in a painted wall mural by filling out our contact form, sending us an email, or calling us at 203-364-5536. We’ll begin by learning about your space, your vision and ideas, and gathering technical details such as location, size of the wall or room, surface preparation and time frame. When possible, we’ll also set up a site visit to discuss the project in person and take precise measurements. Your custom mural quote will be based on a number of factors. Please see our pricing guide for more details.

2. Moving Ahead
We will email you a formal proposal within two business days of the consultation. The formal proposal will include our contract. If you decide to hire us, simply return the signed contract along with the 25% Sketch Deposit. This allows us to begin designing your mural and reserves your project on our painting schedule. The Sketch Deposit is non-refundable and includes up to two feedback revisions (3 sketches total).

3. Scheduling the Mural
Once the final sketch is approved, we will coordinate the painting details with you, including start date, approximate time to completion, and hours of painting per day. For example, some clients like us to arrive early and finish up for the day before their kids get home from school. Others prefer a later start time. Travel distance is also a factor. We will arrange all these details ahead of time so that everyone knows what to expect. Two weeks before the painting begins, we’ll confirm that everything is still on target and that the wall preparation (if applicable) is complete. The second 25% Work Deposit is due at this time.

4. Completion
We’ll let you know the day before that the next day will be our final day of painting. If everything has gone to plan, this should be on or before the estimated time of completion. The balance of the mural is due at the end of the final day of painting.