Bamboo Bedroom Mural

painted wall mural master bedroom

Zen Guest Room

Comfortable guests make the whole house happy, so Sarah and David want their friends and relatives to feel peaceful and relaxed when they come to stay. The small back bedroom they planned to turn into a guest room had plenty of privacy, but it lacked charm. We needed to turn it into an inviting haven of calm.

Drawing from the client’s painting of Chinese pagoda and the existing linen draperies, we chose a simple bamboo mural to create a zen feel. The room was small, so leaving plenty of open space on the walls was important to not shrink the space. The bamboo poles also emphasize the vertical, helping the ceiling feel taller.

Sarah and David are eager to invite their first guest to stay in their new “Bamboo Suite.”

Project Details

Date: October 2014
Mural Square Footage: 72 sq ft (entire room, not pictured)
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $800 – $1000