Birch Tree Mural – Great Room Cathedral

Bring the Outside In

The client’s Great Room had a beautiful stone fireplace and a back wall full of windows, but it also had a blank 15-foot cathedral wall facing the sofa. The large wall felt dead. The client wanted to bring it to life.

A custom-painted home decor wall mural was the perfect solution. Previous attempts to tame the size of the wall with gallery-style framed artwork had only made the space feel busy and constricted. So we designed the mural not to fight the presence of the wall, but to let it soar to its natural height.

Drawing inspiration from other elements in the room–a massive fieldstone hearth and windows that gaze out on a wooded hillside–we chose stylized birch trees to bring the forest feeling into the home. The straight trunks and branches also accentuated the cathedral shape of the room. Lastly, we kept the palette muted, using softer shades of colors found elsewhere in the room to tie the mural into the space, and to keep it from becoming overpowering.

Wall before the mural
The wall before we began painting.

Project Details

Date: September 2016
Mural Square Footage: 185 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $3200 – $3700