Car Dealership Mural

Catching the Customer's Eye with Unique Mural Art!

The CARite Dealership is not your typical used car lot. Their app-based business model appeals to younger buyers, and what better way to communicate their progressive approach than with custom mural art?

Mural Envy designed and painted this bespoke mural for the entrance of CARite’s location in Stratford, CT, which opened in September 2020. Hand-painted on the brick exterior, it not only includes the CARite corporate logo and tagline, but goes further by creating bright, eye-catching art that represents the brand and the Greater Bridgeport locale.

The CARite Mural has already become a feature of Barnum Avenue in Stratford, boosting the dealership’s visibility and beautifying its corner of the neighborhood.

Client Testimonial

Mural was great. Toni did an amazing job for CARite. We are SO impressed with her work.

— Shane R, CARite Management Team

Project Details

Date: August 2020
Colors: Bright, with Corporate specified colors
Mural Square Footage: 275 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $2500-3500