Checkerboard Floor

Classically Bold Kitchen Decor

Have you ever considered painting your hardwood floors?

If you live in an older home, chances are your hardwood floors will start to look a little shabby at some point, especially in a high-traffic area such as a kitchen. Painting the floors may be an attractive alternative to the expense and mess of refinishing.

Mural Envy can help you create dramatic and interesting decor on your floor! This country-style kitchen floor was transformed with a classic checkerboard pattern that accentuates the black and white granite countertops, and also pulls in the calm green wall color.

Checkerboard floors may look simple, but they are tricky to plan correctly and tedious to paint with precision. Let us do the work for you and transform your worn floors with a fresh, exciting look.

Client Testimonial

We are very happy with our floors. Thank you and super job!

— Laura F., homeowner

Project Details

Date: August 2018
Colors: Black and Light Gray, plus Cool Green
Mural Square Footage: 80 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $400-$600