Giving Back


When she was just getting her business up and running, mural artist Toni Miraldi’s daughter was still in preschool. She considered many child care options for the days when she was on the job, and finally settled on Merryhill Child Care Center in Newtown, CT.

Merryhill was full of bright and happy staff and kids, but the main entrance and hallway needed some cheering up. When Toni heard that they were looking for parent volunteers to help paint the entryway, she saw an opportunity to give back to the organization that meant so much to her child’s life.

Merryhill emphasizes outdoor curriculum, so bringing themes of nature and outdoor play into the Center’s hallway seemed like a perfect choice. Giant trees, swings, tricycles and birds in vivid cheerful colors transform a once-utilitarian space into a fun invitation. Toni still loves to visit even though her daughter has long since outgrown preschool.

"Toni graciously volunteered to create a mural for the main hallway of our child care center. The whimsical design was perfect for our center, and the children (and teachers) love the images she painted on our walls. Toni is amazingly talented and has an impressive understanding of her clients' needs and taste."

Karen Tuller
, Director, Merryhill Child Care Center
  • Date: April 2009
  • Colors: Sunshine yellow base; Pool blue, Fresh Avocado, Goldenrod, Rosy Violet, Shocking Pink, Chocolate
  • Mural Square Footage: 175 sq ft
  • Level of Detail: Medium-high
  • Project Price Range: N/A – Donated