Cloud Wall Mural

Hand-Painted Elegance

There is no substitute for the beauty of hand-painted. A hand-painted cloud mural has depth and texture. Hand-painted letters express the flow and life of the text in a way that vinyl letters can never match.

For Blue Sky Wellness Center in Norwalk, Connecticut, the choice was very clear. Hand-painted clouds convey the organic, bright and relaxing nature of their high-end spa. The subtle brushstrokes of the hand-lettering reflect the personal attention they give to each client. The custom mural and sign Mural Envy painted for Blue Sky’s reception area creates the perfect first impression.

Client Testimonial

My company name looks amazing with the mural. Thanks Toni!

–Elkin Rodriguez, owner

Project Details

Date: February 2019
Mural Square Footage: 45 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $700-$900