Coffee Shop Mural

For a Bright Cafe in SoNo

A new cafe has opened in the trendy SoNo district of Norwalk, CT. Strategically placed in a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, Allora Coffee and Bites attracts the attention of passerby with a bright, welcoming interior and a bold wall mural.

Mural Envy designed Allora’s mural specifically for the coffee shop’s needs. The custom wall painting expresses the Italian-inspired theme of the cafe, incorporates the brand colors of vivid blue and orange, compliments the decor, and establishes the business’ identity in a bustling urban locale. People notice the mural and refer to it: “You know Allora Coffee? The one with the mural?”

The value of murals in helping local businesses build recognition is well-understood. Not only do murals make people turn and look, they make people stop and take a photo. And post it to Instagram. And tag the restaurant. This is why many businesses are now adding murals to their essential advertising budgets.

Mural Envy murals are very Instagram-able
Mural Envy's custom mural for Allora Coffee provides great content for Instagram and other social media.

Project Details

Date: January 2020
Colors: Brand Colors of Ocean Blue and Blood Orange
Mural Square Footage: 40 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $850-$1200