Fitness Studio Butterfly Mural

Beauty, Inspiration, Transformation

Do you have an image or symbol that guides your life? Something with deep personal meaning that you keep coming back to, even as your path and circumstances change? For Tammy Gruber, owner of A Wellness Life, that symbol is a butterfly. She feels that a butterfly’s transformation beautifully represents the work she does with her clients, helping them achieve health, wellness, and balance in all aspects of their lives.

Tammy designed her fitness studio to be bright and calming, but there was one exposed concrete wall that always bothered her. It was kind of ugly, but how do you make a basement wall beautiful?

You paint it with a mural.

Some clients don’t know what they want their mural to look like, but Tammy had a very clear idea. She showed me a drawing that she liked because it expressed the nature of her business. But the drawing wasn’t quite perfect. The design was vertical while the wall was horizontal, the colors were too washed out, and most of all, the moth needed to be a butterfly.

I took the concept drawing and re-designed it to fit her needs. The resulting mural not only adds beauty to her studio, it also lends inspiration to clients as they work to transform their own selves.

Client Testimonial

I am in awe at how beautiful this wall is. Thank you Toni! The room is complete. And I absolutely love it!

–Tammy Gruber, owner of A Wellness Life

Project Details

Date: February 2019
Mural Square Footage: 66 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $800-$1200