Hallway Mural

Bringing Life to a Long Entryway

A long hallway lined with doors might feel overwhelming the first time you encounter it, which is why The Center for Education and Empowerment commissioned Mural Envy to design and paint a colorful, welcoming mural to flow down the corridor of their beautiful new facility in Danbury, CT.

Right as you you step through the front door, the wall mural invites you in with soothing waves of color that compliment the building’s decor. As you move down the hallway, the mural offers up symbols of hope and comfort, like birds, hearts, and sunrises.

We were so honored to be able to create this art mural for The Center, an organization we’ve worked with before, whose mission is critical to the health of our communities. Art and color are able to lift spirits in a unique and powerful way, and we hope the hallway mural will reinforce the good work taking place within the walls themselves.

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Project Details

Date: October 2021
Colors: Blues and Neutrals, with pops of green, purple, aqua, and rose
Mural Square Footage: 200 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium