Hand-Lettered Hymn Boards

Traditional Signs for an Historic Church

Hymn Boards are a common feature in traditional churches. The numbers of the hymns are posted there for each service so that the congregation knows which page to turn to in their hymnals.

The hymn boards for St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Monroe, CT, were hand-crafted by a parishioner 30 years ago. In 2017, the interior of this historic New England church was re-painted with clean, crisp colors. Suddenly the old hymn boards looked dingy by comparison.

Mural Envy volunteered to refurbish the hymn boards, not only with fresh coats of paint, but with new hand-lettering that announced the purpose of the signs. The hand-painted signs now hang happily in St. Peter’s beautiful sanctuary.

Client Testimonial

The hymn boards are outstanding! Thank you so much!

–Rev. Kurt Huber, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

Project Details

Date: August 2017
Colors: 1-Shot Black and Gold on White
Sign Dimensions: Two at 3″ x 8″
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: Donation