High School Athletics Murals

Hand-Painted Logos and Signs for the Gym

Grasso Tech is a Regional High School that inspires its students to excellence. The building itself exudes the kind of quality that lifts aspirations and encourages respect. So naturally, the murals for the athletics department had to also be the best quality: hand-painted.

Industrial walls like those of a high school gymnasium are constructed from concrete block, aka CMU. While strong and economical as a building material, concrete block is difficult to embellish. Cheap vinyl letters look terrible on the blocks’ textured surface, and they start to peel quickly. Hand-painted logos, signs, and murals are the best solution for CMU walls. They require skill and patience, but the results are stunning.

Grasso Tech made the right choice by hiring Mural Envy to hand-paint the school logo in the gymnasium, locker rooms, and fitness center. The high-quality of our work rises to the standard of this excellent school.

hand-painted gym logo in progress
Hand-painted mural in progress
painted logo on concrete block
Hand-painting is the only way to get this level of quality on concrete block walls.

Project Details

Date: November 2019
Colors: Blue, Black, and Warm Gray on Off-White
Mural Square Footage: 475 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: $5000-$7000