Undersea Kid’s Room for Tween

Gracie's Haven

Undersea Kids Room Mural

To help make the move to their new house easier, Gracie’s mom let her pick the color for her new room. 12-year-old Gracie chose the brightest, most electric blue she could find. Her mom did not want to go back on her promise, but she was concerned about the vivid color. “Can you make it work?” she asked. Of course we can.

Gracie said the bright blue made her feel, “like being underwater.”  Building on that idea, we chose three complementary blues that would help tone down the bright base coat without fighting it. An enormous octopus that stretches across the entire wall opposite her bunk bed was just the thing to make Gracie’s new room her own personal undersea haven.

Client Testimonial

When life threw us a major curveball, an unexpected move was the result. I had one simple criteria for a new house. My kids needed to feel like they were “home.” The best decision I could have possibly made was to have Toni Miraldi paint murals for my children. My daughter chose an ocean theme, and Toni transformed her room into an underwater oasis. Gracie feels calm and inspired. The fantastic octopus that swirls around the walls provides endless delight for Gracie and every single visitor who marvels at the sight of it. Toni exceeded all expectations and has made our house a home.

-Suzy D.

Project Details

Date: November 2015
Mural Square Footage: 96 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium-High
Project Price Range: less than $1500 – $1750