Abstract Master Bedroom

Seaside Retreat

Contemporary Home Decor
abstract wall mural

Sarah and David love the ocean. They hope to retire to a seaside cottage…one day. For now, their master bedroom, nice as it is, looks out on trees, not waves. They asked us to bring the feel of the shore to their walls.

Taking inspiration from a collection of beach pebbles and a photograph of light glinting off the water, we designed a modern scape of blue, gray and white rectangles on a soft slate base. The contemporary result evokes the feel of an early morning walk along a quiet shore.

Rather than take center-stage, this abstract mural provides a solid background for Sarah and David’s collection of ocean paintings and photographs. They can choose just about any additional decor they like, without fear of it clashing with the walls.

Project Details

Date: September 2015
Mural Square Footage: 27 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: less than $500