Mural Signage for Video Production Office

Attracting Customers with Custom Wall Murals

First impressions matter. You can have a great business with a desirable service or product, but if potential customers see an ugly wall when they approach your office, you’ve already hurt your chances of winning their favor.

DirectLine Media recognizes the value of visual first impressions, so when they moved into a new office in West Hartford, CT, they contacted Mural Envy to transform the exterior wall with a bespoke mural that combined signage, branding, and artistic flare. The transformation from dark and dingy to bright and inviting immediately elevated the office’s presence in the building.

Quality signs and murals are not just fancy extras for small businesses. They are essential components of any company’s marketing strategy. Mural Envy strives to create business-boosting wall murals for all budgets.

Client Testimonial

Thank you Mural Envy for a terrific job on the mural. Absolutely perfect!

-David Chmielewski
DirectLine Media, LLC

Project Details

Date: February 2020
Mural Square Footage: 72 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium-low
Project Price Range: $500-$800