Mural to Inspire Makers

Creative Signage for a Public Library Maker Space

A Maker’s Space is a room dedicated to innovation and creativity. It provides access to equipment like 3D printers, soldering irons, crafting tables and sewing machines, so that users can bring their visions to life.

Realizing that their mission of providing resources to the community could go beyond books, the C. H. Booth Public Library in Newtown, CT, built a specialized “Maker’s Corner” in 2017. The staff approached us with the challenge of designing a mural that would 1) Draw attention to the new space; 2) Incorporate signage, including the library’s rooster logo; 3) Blend with the existing historical color scheme of colonial blue and beige; and 4) Illustrate the variety of creative pursuits available to makers.

We were incredibly honored to work with the library to bring their new community resource to life. The resulting mural remains one of our favorite projects, and it is an added pleasure to be able to visit the mural every time we check out a book or try out the 3D printer.

Wall before the mural

Client Testimonial

Toni Miraldi of Mural Envy transformed a quiet corner of our library into “the place to be” with a vibrant eye-catching work of art that lets you know you’ve arrived in the Makers’ Corner of the Cyrenius H. Booth Library and that you’re about to have a very good time! Her mural includes the library’s new logo and color scheme while incorporating playful organic shapes with a techie vibe. Everyone who sees the mural immediately falls in love with it. Toni is a talented and skilled artist, easy to work with, and SO creative!

–Kim Weber, library staff

Project Details

Date: October 2017
Colors: Spring Green, Mustard Yellow and Navy on existing Colonial Blue & Beige
Mural Square Footage: 105 sq ft
Level of Detail: High
Project Price Range: less than $1000 (Mural Envy offers discounts to nonprofit organizations)