Nautical Mural for Rooftop Bar

Ideal Backdrop for Nightlife Hotspot

A trendy rooftop bar with an amazing view deserves an amazing mural. When the SONO Sky Bar was getting ready to enter the energetic nightlife scene of South Norwalk, they had craft cocktails, ocean breezes, and vistas over the harbor, but they also had a really boring white vinyl fence surrounding three sides of the deck.

That fence needed an upgrade. It needed a mural. A mural that reinforced the nautical theme of the bar and added beauty without detracting from the view. Something that would look great behind the photos of enticing drinks posted on Instagram. We knew just what to do.

Mural Envy designed an abstract wave mural in the colors of SONO Sky Bar’s branding. We then took their anchor and compass logo, separated it into three pieces, and hyper-enlarged those sections as line art on top of the wave-shape background. All of the artwork was hand-painted using 1-shot sign enamel and other durable exterior paints so that the mural will withstand the harsh weather of New England’s coast for years to come.

Mural backdrop for Instagram post
SONO Sky Bar uses the Mural as a backdrop for their Instagram posts.

Project Details

Date: June 2021
Colors: Blue, Gray, White
Mural Square Footage: 275 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium-high
Project Price Range: less than $5000