Night Sky Ceiling Mural

Outer-Space Decor for a Kid's Bedroom

A kid’s bedroom should be a magical space, full of wonder and comfort. What better way to ignite the imagination then with an Outer Space ceiling mural?

When this 11-year-old boy’s parents told him he could choose the decor for his new room, he knew exactly what he wanted. A deep-blue night sky with the Milky Way running down the middle. And just a hint of purple red, please, like a nebula.

Mural Envy was thrilled to be able to create this faux finish galaxy ceiling for him. May he fall asleep dreaming of stars.

Client Testimonial

Toni did a beautiful job painting a midnight sky with several constellations on my son’s ceiling. He loves it!

-Nadine B.

Project Details

Date: November 2019
Base Coat: Benjamin Moore 2061-10, Deep Royal
Mural Square Footage: 168 sq ft
Level of Detail: High
Project Price Range: $1500-$2000