Birds for Baby’s Nursery

Location: London

Space is limited in a London townhouse. In preparation for baby Louisa’s arrival, a tiny, cramped study had to be converted to a nursery. When deciding on a mural, it was important not to over-paint the room, which would make the already small space feel even smaller.

Louisa’s grandmother-to-be had quilted her a beautiful baby blanket, so we pulled the colors for the mural from the blanket. We decided to paint the largest wall a soft light pink, and focus the decorative mural elements on the two smaller walls, leaving plenty of open space for breathing room. Birds seemed a fitting theme for the open, airy intent.

Client Testimonial

I was so happy to be able to pull the colors from my mother’s quilt onto the walls of the nursery. I am so pleased with the mural that I plan to keep the room just the way it is, even after the girls are grown.

-Joy S.

Project Details

Date: April 2012
Mural Square Footage: 24 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: less than $500