Sign Painting

Professional Hand-Painted Signs

There is no substitute for the quality and character of a hand-painted sign. The craftsmanship of a skilled sign painter is evident in each stroke.

If you have a wall with any kind of texture–a brick wall, concrete block wall, barn wood or stucco wall–the only way to achieve a professional look is to have your letters hand-painted. Furthermore, hand-painted signs withstand the test of time. They won’t peel or curl like vinyl letters do. For exteriors, only hand-painted signs weather with the sun, rain, and wind. Where printed signs crack and fade, painted signs develop more character, looking good decades after creation.

At Mural Envy, we are accomplished sign painters. We create professional signage for both commercial applications and residential decor, interior or exterior. Check out our gallery of beautiful hand lettering and sign painting projects.

Hand-painting letters on rough brick