Soccer Ball Mural

...For A Tiny Wall

Soccer Mural for Boy's Room

Small space living has its advantages: more affordable, easier to maintain, smaller environmental footprint. But tiny rooms also require careful decorating. You want to make sure your decor choices make the house look bigger than it really is, not cramped and cluttered.

Space management is especially challenging in a kids’ room, where toys, clothes and hobbies can accumulate faster than the child grows. This is one reason why murals are a perfect choice for kids room decor: They take up no extra space.

A well designed mural can even make a room appear larger. In this tiny bedroom of an historic log home, the only paintable wall was a mere 51 square feet, with 18 square feet of that occupied by a window. By enlarging the soccer ball so that only half of it is actually painted on the wall, the mind imagines the rest of the ball and perceives the space as bigger than it is. The dynamic corner kick lines extending off into the ceiling and bookcase also suggest more space.

Both the parents and their son were thrilled with the transformation. The pre-teen was even motivated to keep his room neater…for awhile.

Client Testimonial

Toni was very professional and courteous. Superior quality work by a talented artist. We are very happy with the finished mural and would not hesitate to recommend.

     –Karen B.

Project Details

Date: November 2016
Colors: Field Green base coat; bright white, Benjamin Moore ‘New Lime’ 2025-30 & ‘Timber Wolf’ 1600
Mural Square Footage: 33 sq ft
Level of Detail: Medium
Project Price Range: less than $500