Kwik Stix Solid Paint Sticks

We’ve gotten a ton of inquiries about the paint sticks we use for the “Add to Our Wall” kids’ mural projects at arts festivals. So here is the info on the sticks:

Kwik Stix are kid-safe tempera paint compressed into a no-mess, easy to grasp stick that looks and feels a lot like a glue stick. Working with them is similar to¬†working with a chunky oil pastel, but they are not oil-based. They clean up easily with soap and water. At the end of each day of the arts festival, we simply scrub down the wall with wet rags until all that remains is a ghost image of the drawings. Then we roll on a fresh coat of paint and we’re all set for the next day!

Kwik Stix are manufactured and sold by The Pencil Grip Company, and are also available at major retailers like Target and Amazon. Happy painting!