We love painting custom murals. We especially love it when our clients are as excited about the results as we are. Here are some of our favorite words of praise.

"Toni graciously volunteered to create a mural for the main hallway of our child care center. The whimsical design was perfect for our center, and the children (and teachers) love the images she painted on our walls. Toni is amazingly talented and has an impressive understanding of her clients' needs and taste."

Karen Tuller
, Director, Merryhill Child Care Center

"I am so pleased with the murals in my master bedroom and guest room. They create such an inviting space, and I receive compliments on them all the time. Toni took my ideas and delivered something beyond my expectations."

Sarah D

I was so happy to be able to pull the colors from my mother's quilt onto the walls of the nursery. I am so pleased with the mural that I plan to keep the room just the way it is, even after the girls are grown.

Joy S
, Louisa's mom

"When life threw us a major curveball, an unexpected move was the result. I had one simple criteria for a new house. My kids needed to feel like they were "home." The best decision I could have possibly made was to have Toni Miraldi paint murals for my children. My daughter chose an ocean theme, and Toni transformed her room into an underwater oasis. Gracie feels calm and inspired. The fantastic octopus that swirls around the walls provides endless delight for Gracie and every single visitor who marvels at the sight of it. Toni exceeded all expectations and has made our house a home."

Suzy D
, Gracie's mom

The work Mural Envy did was amazing! They took a somewhat lifeless space and turned it into the go to spot where the kids (and their friends!) want to play. What I appreciated most was the thought they put into the room, making sure that what we wanted at that time would work for us a few years down the road and not feel dated as the kids grew up.

Scott M
, Juliana's dad

"Toni is amazing! She’s a talented artist and creative genius. She painted murals for my children and we all loved them."

Edilia B
, Audrey & Cole's mom

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