Why Choose Us

You want to make sure you choose the right designer or contractor for your project. We understand the importance of your choice. Here are the reasons we believe we are the best custom mural option for your home or office.

Unique, Modern Designs

The walls of your room provide the backdrop to your life and work, the foundational element on top of which you add all the other decorative elements. Mural Envy transforms your walls from a plain backdrop to a modern, sophisticated design element that brings immediate life and vibrancy to your home. Our designs are open, clean and contemporary, rather than compact and heavily detailed. They range from subtle embellishments for a master bedroom, to bold and playful wall art for a child’s room. A custom painted wall mural from Mural Envy turns your walls into a unique statement of your personal style.

Quick Turnaround

Your time is valuable, and your schedule demands respect. We promise to arrive when we say we will and to complete your project quickly and efficiently. Mural Envy artist Toni Miraldi has been painting custom murals since 2006, and has perfected an efficient style. Most rooms are completed within 3 full days.

Collaboration + Communication

The vision for your new mural begins with you, the client. You are the one who lives and works in your space, and your ideas for your walls are the foundation upon which the final design is built. We respect your ideas and seek to build on your vision so that it comes to life in ways that exceed your expectations. In addition, we believe in thorough communication. We keep clients informed of our progress throughout the project, and immediately convey any unforeseen issues that may result in an adjustment or delay.

Clean, Professional, Organized

We treat your home like it was our own. We remove our shoes when we arrive for a consultation. We keep our appointments and respect your time. We use clean drop cloths and equipment while working on murals, and we keep the job site neat and organized. We clean up after ourselves. We seek to minimize the project’s disruption of your daily life and work. The entire custom mural experience–from initial contact to completed mural–should be positive and rewarding.